The Sickness That Never Sleeps By Jugaa and Sangharsha with Lyrics

The Sickness That Never Sleeps by Jugaa and Sangharsha

The Sickness That Never Sleeps is Split album done by Jugaa and Sangharsha. Jugaa is  hardcore band from our SCENE. They have already released two EPs and one Split album with Shannon Scam. Now last week , They came up with Sangharsha for this new Album. Sangharsha is hardcore band from America by Nepali Musicians. This album includes 4 Tracks currently available for Streaming. Another two track will be uploaded by this weekend.All tracks are downloaded from their bandcamp page. The tracks in this album are :

Sangharsha – Insaniyaat 01:50

Sangharsha – Ekata / Samapta | Aramva 04:46

Jugaa – Come The Winter 04:01

Jugaa – Vultures Will Feed 02:57


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Sangharsha Insaniyaat Lyrics.

pahiro le lagyo ki
badi le bagayo
churi le tasyo ki
banduk le tarsayo

chihaan ma gadyo ki
ya boksi le khayo

hamro insaniyaat

yeha sikchya cha sano
yeha raagat le lipteko cha aagan
ghulami ko adarsha
yeha dhunga ma gunaso garne dharma
Sangharsha – Ekata / Samapta | Aramva Lyrics

aja ma agadi baddai chu
timrai prerana liyera
itihass ko pana paltai
korne chu timrai naam

bato ko adkal lai panchai
dushmann ko bhawana girai
pasina raagat ek hunecha
jeet hamro nischit cha

chodne chaina kahilai
jaba samma yo saas baki cha
timrai sangharsha ra balidan
yo mutuma chapiyeko cha

bato ko adkal lai panchai
dushmann ko bhawana girai
pasina raagat ek hunecha
jeet hamro nischit cha

Jugaa – Come The Winter Lyrics

there are scars on the soil of wounds that have spread across the land

a plague of bruises upon the earth, they bleed as black as our hearts

we’re clinging on to life
only by stubborn will
and while the chains rattle
we’re running out of time

we have failed to save our own so we look to the skies for solid ground

but life it crawls ever on

Jugaa – Vultures Will Feed

hate upon hate fills my mind
close my eyes and pray for your demise

the streets are filled with rapists and scum
vicious and depraved, praying on the scared

bodies lie on the streets
vultures glide down to feed

it’s the same inside with the corrupt, the vile
vast vacant spaces in place of their conscience

someday you’ll pay for your crimes

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