Brutal Pokhara online Compilation album Set -2 Released for Download

Few minutes ago while I am preparing for the post.Brutal Pokhara brutally made an epic in underground SCENE of Nepal by releasing online Compilation Album. Yesterday First Set of Compilation was released.You can download first set from here.Brutally they call Noise Doom for its second international compilation Set-2.  Track Listing For Noise Doom are:


  • License to KillBIDROHA, Nepalbrutal pokhara online compilation album set -2
  • Charsi Malang Moola Saray-MARG, Pakistan
  • Knock Out- WEOT SKAM, Malaysia
  • Fragmented to Live-CATW, India
  • Primal Wants of a Divine Creation-DARK MURDER SCHEME, India
  • Aakash ChayatiyoFUL’STOP, Nepal
  • Vendetta-VENDETTA, India
  • You May Call Me a Dreamer  But I am Not- ESCALON, USA
  • Break Down-TAKATAK, Pakistan
  • The Malice-PROJECT BERKLEE, Pakistan
  • The RisingZERO TRANSITION, Nepal
  • Walking Alone- HOURGLASS PRISIONER, India
  • Pseudo Showcase- WHAT ESCAPES ME, India
  • IntraNervous- HEISENBERG, India
  • Cradle to Grave-REVOLT, Pakistan
  • Blood Tears-PISAKAS, India
  • Slave of a Broken Fate-DARK GUREE A MORT, Nepal
  • We, Happily Everafter-NOIZY AKADEMI, India
  • Coup De Grace- ARCANE DECEPTION, India
  • Dream Slayer-ODYSSEY, Pakistan
  • We Can’t- IF HOPE DIES, India
  • Lost in Thoughts-RAJIV KHADKA, Nepal
  • Misery in You-EXILED SANITY, India
  • Ammunition- AGE OF CHAOS, India
  • Yes, tODAY is Doomsday-BURN THE WATER, India
  • Sworn Annihilation- DEMENTIA, Pakistan
  • A Lullaby for the Souls-ELVISH MIRAGE, India

From Brutal Pokhara Notes, it seems to be covering only Five Bands from Nepal. Many Bands are from India and from South – Asian.

Horns up For their great effort on including diffrent Metal Band from Nepal and south asian bands.

Download Noise Doom here.


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