Albatross atti bhayo Album Download

I googled for Albatross Atti Bhayo Album Download from past few weeks.I couldn’t get the studio version of all songs till now.Although I have found 6 songs studio version from atti bhayo which i would like to share among our visitor.All the songs are in high quality 192kbps.Atti Bhayo is the latest full length album of albatross.It includes 8 tracks.From this album albatross have released official video of Track “Chaina”  few months ago.Albatross consists of 4 memebers.Shirish Dali as vocal,Sunny Manandhar as guitar, Avaya Siddhi Bajracharya as bass and  Niraj Bajracharya as drummer.

albatross atti bhayo download

Tracks Included:


Shristi Ra Dristi

Janata Ma Appeal

Jhariko Ko Raat




Kahile Kahi

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In my compilation I havenot included two songs Jhariko Raat and Kahile Kahi.But the popular song abhiman on 5th “Annual Annapurna Music Award”(AAMA).The vocal of Janata Ma appeal is not Shirish ,band manager Nitesh Linkha Rai gave vocal for this song.Its is one of the best album of Albatross.All the songs are great. Download and listen.


  1. praish says:

    thank you soooo soo much ..:)

  2. Manish Munikar says:

    it’s great ! thank you….

  3. dipes says:

    Thanks for the upload, we are looking forward to see them live in Sydney

  4. admin says:

    its killin artist! if u r true fan u can afford to buy it!

    1. admin says:

      our motive is not to kill band but to promote them. If people like it they will buy it even if they got it as download .

      1. diganta says:

        very true….

  5. Musiclover says:

    your motive is not to kill artist but to encourage piracy, well done jackass..

  6. Pawan Xarxeeta says:

    I agree with “admin”