Vader Officially Post Note on Facebook about Nepal Tour for Silence Festival

vader in kathmandu nepal photo

Vader confirms to headline Kathmandu tour for this year silence festival 2011. Today Vader posts note about this year tour for Nepal and Japan reveals from Facebook Fan Page.Here is a part of Note about their Tour in Nepal.

vader in kathmandu nepal photo

After shows in Japan the band will make their way to Nepal! Yes, exactly, to Himalayas! It’s their first visit in this corner of the world. The show itself is going to be interesting not only due to the height but also because it will be a first such show in this place since many years! VADER will play a gig on Silence Festival in Jawalakhel / Lalitpur in Nepal. The band will headline the festival which will also include concerts of local bands.

To see full part of Note Go through facebook Note here.

Also Vader has officially kept Silence Festival 2011 Flyer in Vader official website.

Thanks Vader making this year’s Silence Fest Greatest.

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