Upendra and Friends (Murchana)

Upendra and Friends is the Nepali folk fusion instrumental band with talented and experienced performer artists of Newar comunity of Kathmandu valley,Nepal. Upendra and Friends fuse eastern classical and folk tunes with piano, flute accompanied by heavy bass riffs and punchy groovy beats using traditional Nepali percussion instruments like Djembe,Tabala Madal.Dhime and western drums.
The band performs popular Newari, Nepali folk tunes into dance groove form and fuse with electronic to acoustic sound. Also melodious to dance and progressive tunes which is powered by turntable scratching to give them a boost. The band has toured nationwide as well as The Fuji Rock Festival, Japan. The Band has launched Musical albums named Murchana, Musical Pilgrims and new album is on the way.

Upendra and Friends is :
Upendra Lal Singh: Piano and Keyboards
Raman Maharjan: Flute
Babu raja Maharjan: Tabala, Khin, Madal and Dhime
Roshan Kansakar: Bass guitar
Nikhil Tuladhar: Drum & Djembe
Amar Joshi: Turntable / Scratching / DJ

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Upendra-and-friends/234119343295354

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