Underside streaming Welcome to the Underside EP

welcome to the underside ep

welcome to the underside ep

Underside has finally released their deubt EP Welcome to the Underside on January 11. You can listen to full Welcome to the Underside EP in their official site here.

Production of the album is definitely comparable to the standards. The album was mastered by Malta who have mastered sound for bands like Behemoth.

The album consists of 7 originals tracks and runs for total of 25 minutes. You can download Welcome to Underside EP from CDbaby. The is available for purchase at Tone Music Store, Tangal. The band released official music video for song “Disconnect” back on January 8.

Track Listing Welcome to the Underside

  1. It begins
  2. Welcome to the Underside
  3. All notes off
  4. Pride
  5. Disconnect
  6. Prototype
  7. Part Animal, Part Human




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