Underside EP album teaser, teaser itself will blow your mind !!

Underside – metal band from Kathmandu has been working since almost a year (I guess) on their debut EP album. The band was formed in late 2010 and they are finally going to release their debut EP this year.

The band has released the teaser for the their upcoming demo. I have to tell that teaser itself will blew your mind and make you crave for the EP. The teaser itself sounds promising and I guess this will be album of the year 2013 for Nepali Metal scene.

Official track listing form the band hasn’t arrived yet, but we guess it will contain these tracks :
All notes off
Make believe
Welcome to Underside

Hopefully the EP will be released soon,
now we wait for the EP !

Live records and demos of Underside can be found in our site check, http://www.nepalunderground.com/Tag/underside/