Ugrakarma Lyrics

Blood Metal

Nihilism Shall Remain
Perversion Or Cutting Of A Human body and Eating Some Of It
Slaughter Sword Death bringer
The Nihilistic Death Attack
a Grand Declaration of Atheism and Blasphemy
Divination Desecrated
Mayhemic Horde
Suicidal Lunacy
Home Of the Beast Cannibal Feast
Chandaal Shaitan

Blood Metal Initiation

We have been unleashed
Armed with the power of metal of death
Religions and all moral values dismembered
Battle against society and morality we declare
Our morbid proclamation of Nihilism shall remain.

Flayed undead-you suffer
Eaten alive- my hunger
Dismember- decapitate
Split torso- eviscerate
Intestines- my playtoys
Headcrushing- braineating
Broken bones- hacked flesh
Blood and pus- on my lips
I eat your body parts
Consumption of my own kind
A gruesome deed of carnal mess
A sick and brutal gory find

Burning in the deep abyss of hatred and destruction
Infernally blackened desired of my aggression
Killing and maiming for vengeance construction
Emperor of sadism – feel my domination
Slaughtersword Deathbringer
Vulgar scenes of graphic violence – abominator
Dismember you limbs apart – slaughtersword
Knifing out your eyeballs – the annihilator
Blood and gore lie on my floor I am a maneater
Slaughtersword Deathbringer
Burnt in the deep abyss of hatred and destruction
Infernally blackened deeds of my aggression
I killed and maimed for vengeance construction
Emperor of sadism you’re dead by domination
Slaughtersword Deathbringer

Master of demise
A man with no purpose
Torment and torture
Will turn you into bones
Suffer, bleed in pain
Ecstasy, breed in pain
Orgasm, feel the pain
Euphoria, I’m insane
Deep into the abyss
Where the cursed rites if the fallen angel is
Land of eternal blasphemy
Desecration of religious morality
Bleed-for me-bleed-on me
Bestow-the bloodbath-upon me
Death rises, agony engulfs you
A killing mastermind
Hammer from hell, strikes you out
Before knowing life
Implementing tools, I crave and violate
Your body
Regaining consciousness, you see your guts
Creping through your mouth
Perpetual flow of gore
Makes me vomit on you
Picking up a hatchet
I dismember you
Severed limbs I prepare for
Human barbeque
Necrophilia instinct
Makes me penetrate you

Pray your almighty
And then you shall see heaven
Follow the book of lies
And lead you life sin forgiven
I tread your holy stones
And piss on your deity’s worshipped idol
I am the enemy of god
And all that you say what he stands for
Blasphemer and Atheist
I am truly a Nihilist
A mass necrophilia
A schizophrenic, cult paranoia
Awaiting your ‘savior’
To free yourself from earthly matter
I am killing your god
I am thy master, I am thy lord
I have no fear of god
I am here to fight till death comes
Blasphemer and Atheist
I am truly a Nihilist

As I trudge through the grim place of storms
The path where crave for blasphemy burns
Darkness filled with blackened moonlight
Captures and convulses my sight
The temple’s filled with witching light
Perpetuated spellbound controlling my mind
Blackened remain my vision
Throughout eternity
The storms reign here devouring
My diffidency
My lust for almighty lands arise my brutal commands
My proselytizing strength shall ruin his kingdom
Skies have turned blood red
To exterminate god’s realms
Atheism shall be portrayed
Divination desecrated
Summoning the power of evil and crave for lust
Thou shalt obey my commands follow my epics
In the gruesome darkness and the creeping shadows
Thou shalt not provoke filthy, profane spells
Proclivator has arrived, no procrastination
Thou shalt not dither accept the demolition
My instinctual supremacy cannot be controlled
Thou shalt not betray death must be adored

Evil demonic horde
We’re storming the world tonight
We bring forth Hatred,
Death and destruction
Brutal devilish minds
We carry in our heads
Mayhem we spread afar
Throughout the chosen and
Demonized our mind corrupts
Evil minds Dark field thoughts.

[ not released]

Erosion of sanity
Captive of dark lunacy
Eliminate my entity
Brainstorm in extremity
Morbid thoughts deep inside
intense desire of self extermination
Severely blackened my mental condition
Unexplainable state of Suicidal emotion
Extremely dangerous fatal sensation
Morbid thoughts deep inside
Morbid thoughts deep inside
intense desire of self extermination
Severely blackened my mental condition
Unexplainable state of Suicidal emotion
Extremely dangerous fatal sensation
I leave the light of life
after life darkness
I fade inbto the endless void
Death is the only witness
Suicide, Suicide…
Morbid thoughts deep inside
Morbid thought deep inside.

Follow me, hold my hand
Walk with me, into 213
Feel the pain, looks so real
Can’t deny, I rule here
Hate unleashed, you suffer
From my wrath, eternally
Rise so high, you cannot fly
Eventually, you’re my prey
I cut you up, bring to pieces
Eat your limbs, I’m satisfied
Recipes of human flesh
I produce from your body
I try out new ways to consume
Remnants of what are left of…you
Decapitated bodies everywhere
Horrific mass of twisted flesh
A chilling sight of Cannibal Feast
Jeffrey’s apartment home of beast
Violent Empire, that Jeff ruled

Chandaal Shaitan, PGA
Chandaal Shaitan, Twisted minds
Grotesque sick , Vile acts
Twisted words, Inducing humor
A brain storm going through everyone’s head
Smoking, drinking, tapping, pulling our beloved
We share morbid thoughts gathered at tower
We have the rage, aggression and the power
We are what we are, our own lords
Nihilistic thoughts embedded within us
Shaitan Chandaal PGA
You’ll thus suffer now we’re free
We detest holy stones
Leave your beliefs to rot alone
We are your worst nightmare
we’ll be the ones you’ll fear
Butchery embodied in the brain
Craving bodies for satiation
You’re lured by morbid plans
Now you’re under sadistic hands
oppressed thoughts explode
Sanity Corrodes
asphyxiate your breath
You pray for death
Smashing your head
You’re still not dead yet6
You’re fear motivates
Your blood makes us salivate
Repeatedly you’re gagged
Adrenalines pumping hard
Surrounded by brutal guards
Blood drenches sliced-incision
out burst of gore-dissection
Limbs severed -amputation
Fondling torso-molestation
Intestines chopped-diffusion
Body parts left for-putrefaction
Shaitan chandaal’s-0 satisfaction
Now you’re on fire- consumption

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