UgraKarma-Blood Metal Initiation

UgraKarma-Blood Metal Initiation

Genre: Death Metal
Lyrical theme:Nihilism, atheism, rituals, gore
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Tracks Included:

1.Nihilism…Shall Remain00:30
2.Perversion Or Cutting Up A Body & Eating Some Of It01:13
3.Slaughtersword Deathbringer02:08
4.The Nihilistic Deathattack04:02
5.A Grand Declaration Of Atheism & Blasphemy02:39
6.Divination Desecrated04:58
7.Mayhemic Horde04:53
9.Suicidal Lunacy02:53
10.Home Of The Beast, Cannibal Feast02:57
11.Chandaal Shaitaan04:27
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