Trinergic video interview by NepalUnderground

Mumbai, India based death metal band Trinergic will be kicking their first international tour with “The Underground GIG 2015” at Kathmandu, Nepal, which will happen on February 7, 2015 at Purple Haze Thamel. To make the band familiar with the Nepalese crowd as well as listeners across the boarder.

Also, the band unveiled their new logo, which looks amazing! You can watch the video from below or stream it from Trinergic’s Youtube channel.

…it is not easy for a metal band to survive. At the same time, right now it is growing, people do give a shit about metal, they show up for the show, there are shows happening every month.. every week in-fact and big bands coming in. So it’s not that bad but it’s not very good as well, we cannot survive on it. – Rahul (vocals – Trinergic)

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