Top 5 Albums of 2011

2011 has been a great year for the metal scene of Nepal. There were lots of concerts, like NepFest, Ides of March, Tone Stage, 8th KCM ICMC, etc. and epic of them all was Silence Fest II, headlined by Polish Death Metal legend “Vader.” Silence fest set the new standard for concerts organized in Nepal with never seen before stage setup, sound system, lighting and all.

There were also releases of awesome albums from the underground scene such as KTMRock’s Compilation “Be Loud, Be proud,” Jindabaad‘s “Plastic Heart EP,” Jugga/ Sangharsa Split Album “The Sickness That Never Sleeps,‘” Instrumental album “Here we Rise” by X-Mantra Guitarist Sandeep Tuladhar and promising Black Metal album “Deification Of The Saboteur” by Gothica. Thrash Metal band Bidroha also released three tracks “Licence to Kill,” “Bidroha,” “Adipatyaho Danav ko” and Bidroha had stated us that their EP will be out in 2012. Similarly there was, lots of album were released by foreign artists in 2011. We asked various personalities from underground scene of Nepal to list out their top albums of 2011.

Umes Shrestha ( Founder :KtmRocks )

Umes Shrestha

Lock Up: Necropolis Transparent
Pulling Teeth: Funerary
Nader Sadek: In The Flesh
Vader: Welcome To The Morbid Reich
Wormrot: Dirge

Haven’t kept myself update with many 2011 releases but these are in my Top 5 list. Grindcore is on the top this year with exciting releases from Lock Up, Wormrot and Grindlink, among others. Even though Lock Up is not the ‘real’ Lock Up without Jesse Pintado (RIP), Necropolis Transparent came out to be the winner for me.

Parash Shakya (Vocal : Antim Grahan )

Parash Shakya -Antim Grahan Vocal

Fleshgod Apocolypse – Agony
Belphegor – Blood Magick Necromance
Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial Lineage
Rotten Sound – Curse
Benighted – Asylum Cave

Navin Pokharel ( Vocal : Hatebook )

Navin Pokharel-Hatebook Vocalist

1. Archspire – Arcsphire
One of the Best Death Metal Album with awesome music and Vocal.This is must have playist if you havenot heard yet.

2. Opeth – Heritage
Opeth,no doubt is pioneer band for metallers.Opeth is inspiration. Heritage ‘s every single track is Kick ass. Opeth is one of my all time favorite band.

3. Abnormity – Irreversible Disintegration
This one of my top list Death Metal Album till I have ever heard.For me, this is best band in technical death metal . Drumming is the best part of this album.

4. Kartikeya – Mahayuga
Kartikeya is Russian Ethnic Metal band . I love mantra parts in middle of tracks . If you want new taste , Go through this album . Definitely you will Love this especially for Black Metal Fans.

5. Dream Threatre – A dramatic turn of events
Though , I Missed Mike Portney in this album Mike Mangini also has done a fabulous job.One of the epic Melodic Album with Classic Dream theatre stuff.

Avishek K.C. ( Vocal : Equals / Underside / Lost Oblivion)

Avishek K.C.

Machine Head – Unto the locust
Theoryof a Deadman – The truth is
Korn – The path of totality
Black Stone Cherry – Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Incubus – If Not Now ,When?

Anil Dhital ( Guitar :E.quals / Lakhey /White)

Anil DhitalThe Gates of Slumber – The Wretch
YOB – Atma (Profound Lore, USA)
Best of Anuska Shakhar
Talvin Singh & niladri kumar

Surya Pun ( Drum: Antim Grahan , Guitar : Imperium )

Surya Pun-Antim Grahan DrummerAnimals As Leaders – Weightless
Burzum – Fallen
Decapitated – Carnival is Forever
TesseracT – One
Radiohead – The King of Limbs

Saurab Sainju ( Vocal, Guitar :Bidroha /Arachnids)

Saurab SainjuThirteen – Megadeth
21 – Adele
Wasting Light – Foo Fighter
Gothica Ep – Gothica Ep
Dead Mariners

Sanjay Maharjan (Vocal:Kalodin/Garudh/Imperium)

Sanjay Maharjan- Kalodin-Garudh-ImperiumGorgoroth-Under the Sign of Hell 2011
Burzum -Fallen
Marduk-Iron Dawn

“Hail Burzum”

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