Suicide Silence streams “You Can’t Stop Me Now” full album

suicide silence you can't stop me now full album stream

Suicide Silence is streaming their new album “You can’t Stop Me Now” in entirety. You can listen full album “You can’t stop Me Now” from Nuclear Blast’s official Youtube channel.

The album is band’s first release since death of former front-man Mitch Lucker and with new front-man/vocalist Eddie Hermida. The album has also featured artist such as The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato and Cannibal Corpse’s George Fisher

YOU CAN’T STOP ME will be released on July 11 (Europe), July 14 (UK) and July 15, 2014 (North America) via Nuclear Blast.

Track Listing You can’t stop me now:
1. “M.A.L.” 0:47
2. “Inherit the Crown” 3:28
3. “Cease to Exist” 3:42
4. “Sacred Words” 4:20
5. “Control” (feat. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher) 2:53
6. “Warrior” 2:59
7. “You Can’t Stop Me” (Lyrics by Mitch Lucker) 4:07
8. “Monster Within” (feat. Greg Puciato) 3:37
9. “We Have All Had Enough” 3:36
10. “Ending Is the Beginning” (Rerecorded from Suicide Silence EP) 2:38
11. “Don’t Die” 3:45
12. “Ouroboros” 4:04

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