Severe Dementia – Epitaph of Plassey (EP, 2007) Download

Severe Dementia is brutal death metal originated from Bangladesh.Formed in 2004, band have released only one Ep “Epitaph of Plassey” in 2007. Shudder Thee Incensed Goddess  is another single demo released in 2010. This band will be playing here in Kathmandu , Nepal to headline ktmROCKS Ides of March 2012.

SEVERE DEMENTIA(Bangladesh) confirmed for ktmROCKs Ides Of March 2012Severe Dementia wrote about Epitaph of Plassey on their Facebook as :

 In February 2007, Severe Dementia signed a deal with Demonstealer Records (India) to release an EP in a split album “Rise of the Eastern Blood” with Demonic Resurrection (India), Dusk (Pakistan) and Helmksey (Singapore). The conceptual EP is entitled as “Epitaph of Plassey” with 5 continuous songs based on the historical Battle of Plassey between the British East India Company and the Bengal in 1757. Following that, Severe Dementia undertook a tour in India in April 2007 as being the first ever underground band from Bangladesh to play overseas. The opening of the album took place at the last gig of the tour on April 8 2007, at Razzberry Rhinoceros, Mumbai. The band played two gigs at Mumbai and Pune as the headliner unleashing on the unsuspecting crowd a torrent of unbelievably brutal, pulverizing and cataclysmic death metal. The band set the standards high and with the release of “Epitaph of Plassey”, showed the metal hordes worldwide that metal was well alive and kicking even from a country like Bangladesh.

If Your are new to SD(Severe Dementia ) and wanna eargasm , we have kept here download link of their EP and Single demo Shudder Thee Incensed Goddess.

Epitaph of Plassey Download

Shudder Thee Incensed Goddess Download

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