Sangharsha releases new album “Bayou”

sangharsha bayou

sangharsha bayou

Bayou the latest offering from Nepali band Sangharsha has been released and is available from free listening on band’s official bandcamp account. The album was recorded/mixed/engineered by Kurt Ballou of band CONVERGE.

The album consists of 6 tracks running for approximately 25 minutes. Longest track in the album is Kachuli which runs for 8:02 minutes. The latest release Bayouy by Sangharsha can be considered one of the standout release in whole Sanghasha discography and band can be seen experimenting with their sounds. May be it’s only me, I feel there is black metal influence in this release.

The album was released 8 February, 2014, and definitely a must listen. You can stream the album below or buy/listen from band’s official band camp profile

Track Listing :

  1. DHARAAP 02:55
  2. MUSLO
  4. BAYOU

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