Ruin the faith Spamming Over Facebook/Youtube streaming Antim Grahan Songs

Ruin the faith

I am shocked from this band “Ruin The Faith”. From their facebook it reveal that they formed in 2010.Ruin the faith I myself better want to say that they began started copying / downloading AG(Black /Death Metal Giant) of Nepal from 2010. :-D.Dont know why these guys are not feeling guilty by uploading the  songs of AG and claim AG’s songs as their original songs.I came across this band few months ago. I did not give a shit for this band initially. But Today I saw their Facebook creating Black Tour.Infact,ktmROCKS is original concept maker for Black Tour. They not only uploaded songs but has been started creating same event as Antim Grahan do. What do they gain doing these. ?


Ruin The Faith, copycat band origin is from Dehradun,India

Now I wish to share some links they have been spamming over Internet in the name of Antim Grahan.


Ruin the faith black Tour








Ruin The Faith Black Tour Flyer.

ktmrocks black tour dharan

ktmROCKS Black Tour Flyer


Here are Antim Grahan Originals links.

Forever Winter

The Ruin Of immortals

Tales From The Darkened Woods

In Thy Ambience ov Malevolence

Putrefaction Eternity

I request all viewer to report Their Facebook/Youtube as Spam.


  1. .  Uploading Jindabaad’s concert photos and claiming to be their band , uploading other band’s songs and claiming to be their own. shameless plagiarism at it’s height.these might be a trolling attempt or their fucktardness  ,

  2. that logo with the skulls that says santee death metal was also stolen from my band damcyan. we live in santee california  and have been together for 8 years

  3. i want to kill the guy who came up with this fuckinn idea, of copying AG !

  4. shoot this f**kers!…..

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