Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles

Track lists 1.Amma DekhLaser Disc.Com 2.Bhagwati (My Darling) 3.D.I.Y 4.Dad 5.Free Yourself 6.Hitler Budha 7.Jackie Chan 8.Ladai 9.Not My Problem 10.SITTING ON THE STREET 11.Twaate Buda 12.Twaate Buda (Wife Beater) Click here to download:Continue Reading

Arachanids Kaal Bhairav

TrackLists: 1.Adrishya Shatan 2.Aghori 3.Anashowr ko kalo raat haru 4.Antim Ichya 5.I m the youth(bonous track by silverstone band 6.Kaal Vairab 7.Masan Ghat 8.Miitunjay 9.Naramachy paatal 10.NO mad(sepultura cover) 11.Rudrarupi Bhutabes 12.Trauma is the tigger Click here to download:Continue Reading


All below are the cover of Iron Maiden songs: Metallica – Prowler (Live).mp3 (1.59 MB) Six Feet Under – Wrathchild.mp3 (2.65 MB) In Flames – Murders In The Rue Morgue.mp3 (2.89 MB) Sentenced-TheT rooper.mp3 (3.04 MB) Run To The Hills (Live).mp3 (3.34 MB) Lord BelialContinue Reading

Mukti and Revival Dekhdai Chu

  Track lists: Mukti and Revival – Chwattai Lutyo Mukti and Revival – Ghar Jam Mukti and Revival – Jaba Ma Samjhanchu Mukti and Revival – Meri Priyasi Mukti and Revival – Mero Mann Ko Rahar Mukti and Revival – Mero Mann Ko Rahar Mukti and Revival – Samasya HolaContinue Reading