“New Year Killing Spree” Metal compilation 2012

Metal Spree (India) have been promoting Underground Indian Metal scene via their website. The have recently released New Year Killing Spree on January 1, 2012- a compilation album featuring hand picked 26 of the best metal songs released by Indian metal bands in 2011. The tracks varies from Death Metal to Thrash to progressive to hardcore style.

Track listing :
01-Beastial murder – Slaughtered for sanctity
02-Arihant – Why So serious
03-Blurred Haze – Hope
04-Arcane Deception – Arcane Deception
05-Mutiny in march – Without The Second
06-Dark deslation – Futile Dogma
07-Exalt – Kill with me
08-Forsaken – Unsterblich
09-Slain – Here & Beyond
10-Azure delusion – Apocalypse
11-Aughad – Destroying The Creator
12-1833 AD – Who Will Kill The Emperor
13-Verses – Threshold
14-Provissk – Bounded To The Sacred
15-Scarface – Salvation denied
16-Crystal and the witches – Alter of hipocrites
17-Exiled Sanity-Redesigning Humans-I [The Uprise]
18-Dead Calm Chaos – The Ladder
19-Dark octaves of Sin – Blasphemy
20-DEAFEN – Fate Of Misery
21-Plague Throat – Present Chaos
22-Vile Impalement – Cremated Remains
23-Intoxicate – Give Me Mercy
24-Halahkuh – Sacrilege
25-Grimmortal – Resistance
26-Dream Diabolic – Necromenser

Download the compilation here :


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