Nepali Underground Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back

Top 10 Metal Albums of Nepal

The Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back

Following the musically extravagant year of 2011 in terms of the local scene, 2012 continued to enthrall the underground audience with more exciting events. The bands and fans persisted their way to even more happening year, and it saw a series of wonderful concerts, inviting many huge international names. Textures, Freak Kitchen, Near Death Condition, Decapitated, Nervecell, Soul Annihilation, 1833 AD and Severe Dementia performed in Nepali soil, most of whom had been a surprising in-coming. Besides the bigger open-air festivals, dozens of small-scale indoor shows were also held, DIY. The year saw the reunion of the legendary death metal band Ugra Karma after ten long years, who did a reunion tour “Grinding the Mountains” across few towns of the country, and are about to record their EP, that’s reportedly releasing via Legion of Death Records, France. Another big news was Kunjan Joshi, formerly of Vhumi/Equals and now in Soul Annihilation, getting endorsed by Blakhart Guitars, USA, getting alongside the mighty names like Jack Owen (Deicide), Mike Flores (Origin) and more. What a feat by a Nepali artiste!!

Few great releases were out this year including;

Antim Grahan – I Wish You Death
Binaash – Binaashkaari
Kalodin – Sarv (EP)
Monkey Temple – Shades of Gray
Plan Aftermath – Abomination (EP)
Rage Hybrid – The Sickness Never Fades (EP)
Sangharsha/Jugaa – The Sickness That Never Sleeps (Split)
Sangharsha – Sangharsha
Space Cake Break – Space
X Mantra – Pralaya 2012

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Top 10 Metal Albums of Nepal

Too much brutality to handle for a year? Things are much more intense in 2013, with the recording and releasing plans of Bidroha, Ugra Karma, Night, Terrifyer, Kaligula, Broken Hymen, etc. and hopefully Jindabaad and Underside as well. Also, a 7-way split album “Ghalazat” is scheduled to release early ’13, featuring Jugaa, Sangharsha, Ugra Karma, Binaash, Terrifyer, Kaligula and a Pakistani thrash band Foreskin. So prepare for some annihilation this new year!

I hereby wanna wish you all a very joyous Happy New Year 2013!!! May it greet you with joy and prosperity in your and your family lives… And oh, lets watch the “2012” (movie) and lets laugh at it together, shall we? \,,/

 Nepal Underground 2nd Year Anniversary

Thank You all for Awesome Support.

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