Nepal Underground Scene 2013: A Bird’s Eye View

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Pardon me, but I had maintained quite a distance from the local underground scene in 2013, if not completely abandoned it. It may also be my ignorance, but I could feel the scene was comparatively much more passive and calmer than the year that preceded. Of course, there were few of those enthralling moments and Behemoth’s arrival and all, but if not for these, the scene was rather mundane.

Behemoth came, we saw, they conquered! After Vader and Decapitated, they were the third Polish outfit to destroy the city, and they did it in utmost fashion. It was Nergal’s second time in Nepal after 2005 (which at that time had influenced the cover artwork of “The Apostasy”), and after his decision to stay a little longer in the country and have a sweet vacation of some sorts with the historical expedition and lake-city aerial ride, you could expect some more Nepali influence lurking in their upcoming album (why not to expect?)

Contrary to its inertness, the year did begin with a bit of an explosion though, with the release of “Ghalazat MMXIII“, a split/compilation album featuring seven metal and hardcore bands – six from Nepal and one from Pakistan. But let us also not forget the massive disappointment that Deep Purple cancelling their tour to Nepal had brought to most of us. I cannot remember which of these two had occurred first, so please put it in order yourself while reading. I, not being much of a Deep Purple fan, never bothered to care though!

Broken Hymen released their short and sweet EP “Shrouded by Death” in July, after some predicament (with some of the best production among Nepali death metal releases); while Dying Out Flame revealed the news that they’re in the studio and to expect some gruesome Vedic obliteration out of their debut album (I met the guys in the Studio few days ago, and they’re up for some serious ass-pounding of the Nepali metal fanatics with this release).

What else? Terrifyer released their tiny grindcore EP with sweet songs, which failed to satisfy the band members themselves.
Lakhey released their video, which I am not a fan of (too good concept for a band, too pathetic production for the song, songwriting full of generic riff-work though immensely technical). I’m still putting my eyes on these guys (the latter band) though!

UgraKarma did few shows. They’re playing in Trendslaughter in Bangalore, opening for the mighty Impiety, as you might have known already. Oh, that’s for 2014, sorry! Binaash played only once (is it?) in this entire year. And oh, Bidroha released their much-awaited full-length album “Suffer till Death” a little more than a month ago, which is not reinventing any wheels for a thrash band, but if you’re a freak of the genre, then you should check these guys out!!!

So, that’s it for this time, guys! I’m too bored to list down the goods, the bads and the uglies! You know them better, while I’ve unofficially retired from the scene! I’m gearing up for Nepal Deathfest next week, which will be my first metal gig in months. Remember that albums by Dying Out Flame and UgraKarma (fingers crossed) are in the pipeline, for which we’re to be excited about! Happy new year, folks!

 Guest Post by one of our old friend, thanks for the contribution !

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