Metallica or Bonjovi Live in Nepal reveal by ODC Network for 2012

Just few hours ago ODC Network , Organizers of MLTR Live in Nepal for this year 2011 reveals that there will be either Metallica or Bonjovi for next year . Both Metallica and Bonjovi are from U.S. For Me I prefer Metallica in millions of angle against of Bonjovi though Bonjovi is also good and I do respect Bonjovi.Previous month, October Metallica was there to perform in India . Metallica show was first fixed at Guragon which couldn’t be success due to security issues. Also the organizer DNA were also arrested. But Metallica Performed in Bangalore after few days of program  postponed.

One of my life’s dream is to see Metallica infront of my Eye Playing those Master of Puppets, One and bla bla bla….

ODC Network Facebook Status Update :

This is an announcement of ODC Network that there is gonna be an another International Band’s performance in Nepal in 2012, either METALLICA or BON JOVI. For this we are going to open an official ODC Network Poll very soon to decide upon which one to bring. The reason for this poll is to find out which band has the maximum number of fans in Nepal. We will update detail information regarding this very soon. Please keep on visiting this page and share with your friends.

Here is the snap what ODC Network have written in Facebook.

Metallica or Bonjovi Live in Nepal 2012

Hope this dream comes true. Let’s Wait and see.

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