Live Videos from We Protest IV

we protest iv live videos of acoustic sets

“We Protest” is the series of concert organized by the event group Rebel Events. Till date, Rebel Events has successfully done four gig featuring various metal & rock bands from the valley. We Protest IV took place at Retro Lounge and was different from rest of the series as it featured only acoustic sets. If you like acoustic music then you should definitely give a look to these videos.  The artists featured in the event were ;
Kristina Allen
Niroj Shrestha (Hornymonks)
Prasidha Roka (with band Arth)
Sophiie Suzeena (DIABLO – X )
Rohit John Chettri
Yuskey K.C.

If you missed the set you can watch videos from the playlist below :

You can follow Rebel Events in their official Facebook page :

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