ktmROCKS be LOUD be PROUD Vol. II Download

After years ktmROCKS have released its second compilation. It is the second verision of ktmROCKS be LOUD be PROUD Vol. II.In this Compilation ktmROCKS included 12 different bands/artists.In this compilation there is almost all new band in underground SCENE of Nepal. Although there are also few old bands like Antim Grahan.

To download click the image or below are download links. Share with your Metal heads.



TITLES                                    BANDS/ARTISTS

Bidroh                                         STS (Sangharsha The Struggle)

Adipatya Ho Danav Ko        Bidroha

Wilderness Throne                Earthling

Souls of the Dead                    Kalodin

End of War                                Crucifixia

Hami Aayau                             Diwas Gurung

End of Days                              Hadez

Monopoly                                Symbol of Orion

Gore                                            Dipes Karki

Doom’s Day                              Deadefy

Angel and Her Love            Sa boteurS

Putrefaction Eternity          Antim Grahan



To download Full Album Click Here

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