Kartikeya – Tunnels of Naraka Official Video

Kartikeya has recently released their new song ” Tunnels of Naraka”.  The band originating from Russia theme comes with Folk/Classical Indian influences.

Lyrics :

dive inside
the serpent’s wide open gorge
as the monstrous jaws
collide behind your back
the endless hands of those
devoured before
plough your skin
in a gruesome attack

hold your scream
before the deaf and blind
as waters rip your soul
and merge it again
the vile cursed air
holds your desperate cry
as the serpent
paves the way to its den

o, lord of ghouls,
cursed is thy world!
breathe sweet revenge,
he who dwells in the
deep dark grounds

fall inside
the boiling cauldrons of blood
as the bone-waiting dogs
humbly stare at the flames
all the lost souls
being strangled at once
sing an unending dirge
over themselves

i, once murderous
now am banished and raped
in the depths of the worlds
i, once murderous
now am drowning in slime
in the deep dark tunnels

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