Kalodin to release 2nd EP Album ‘SARV’ on May 12

Kalodin” Black Metal band from Nepal will be releasing their second EP album “SARV” on May 12. The album will be available for purchase on the event “KALODIN EP launch Event.” Sarv means “to kill” in Sanskrit, and according to Davin Shakya, guitarist of the band new album is inspired by the sinister image of Hindu Deities and their epic stories. The album also features Anil Dhital (White/Lakhey) on the Sitar for track ‘Trishula’.

Band themself did all the recording and midi production at the their home studio except for the drums which was done at Phoenix Studio and Vocals & Sitar which were done at The Falls Studio with Coleton Paskert.

Track Listing:

  1. Fallen Empire
  2. Ov Creation
  3. Pathless
  4. Trishula

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Previous album The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry can be downloaded from here.

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