Jahiliyyah (Bangladesh) – EP Aiyyame Jahiliyyah Released

Jahiliyyah EP Aiyyame Jahiliyyah“Jahiliyyah” a Black/Death metal band from Bangladesh had completed their new EP album “Aiyyame Jahiliyyah” and released on the internet for free download. The album consists of six tracks running for 26 minutes. The album is a death-metal album with some elements of black metal. Some tracks like “The call of the Qareen” and “Mass of materia” is mixed with ethnic instruments, which make it stand out from other death-metal bands.

Track Listing:

1.The Call of the Qareen
2.Infernal Chaos Ritual
3.Mass of Materia
4.Desecration of Zion
5.Apokalupsis Eschaton
6.Ave Misanthropy

Download will be available soon.

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