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11 Band

NU:Greetings from NepalUnderground. How did it all start?
11:Greetings! It all started with the big bang, and  then the planets formed ..haha. It was On January 2011 that our vocalist and     guitarist had plans for forming a death metal band .So, we started looking for a drummer,a guitar player and a bass player. We met     our former drummer (Abiral) and Umesh who was interested to play death metal. At our first gig, Nitesh , a friend of ours, played bass.    And soon we caught up  with Kanchan (Bassist).We started out as a old-school death metal band at first but after a   couple   of weeks after the first gig, We decided to play Slam Death Metal, A genre we all loved and wanted to introduce to the   scene.

NU:Please tell us briefly about each five of you as a band.
11: Just recently Abiral (former drummer), decided to leave the band and Bivesh from Hatebook, filled in as a drummer since we have some gigs coming up. Basically we five, are from Kathmandu itself except Sachin who is from Biratnagar. We are all students currently at the bachelors level. It’s hard to be in a band, practice costs, the instruments costs , fares, timings etc are all irritating but when we create music as a band, and play a great show, it feels totally worth the trouble.

NU:Why did you guys choose ’11’, quite a peculiar name, for your band?
11: Aasutosh actually came up with the name. The number “11” has been related to really peculiar deaths and incidents in the past and is   quite long but interesting. Our songs  and lyrics are based upon those strange incidents related to the number 11. You can Google it if you want to find out. Also we did not want  to be named fancy. 11 was very simple and also catchy so we decided  to keep   it as our band name. It’s also great when the songs are based on a particular theme, its more “Ramailo”.
11 @ ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012
NU: Slam death is often regarded as one of the least favorite sub genres within the death metal circles and fanatics, primarily because of its non-technical and often similar and derivative slam breakdowns and pretty sloppy sound production of the albums. What do you say on this?
11: Well, playing this genre is like putting as much “deep brutal gore “, you know , the rough and dirty parts as much as possible. Its also one of the reasons there are sloppy sound productions on the albums. Because most people tend to look for technicality and non- monotonous parts, its possibly the least favorite sub-genre. Those derivative slam breakdowns are the backbone to slam death metal.

NU: You guys are the first band to play slam death metal here in the scene. How has been the overall response towards your musical style till now?
11:Pretty good I guess, we actually thought not much people would like the genre, but many people in our scene have come to like it, most of them never knew that this sub genre even existed and we were the roots from where some began listening to Slam.

NU:Any plans on hitting the studio yet?
11:Yes! We have plans on hitting the studio but the main problem is that we don’t have the money. It’s actually the reason why we   are participating in some Band competitions. If we win the money,we will definitely dive into the studio. To add to that, a   band in our view, matures with time, and we don’t want to regret anything we record so, we’re taking it slow when it comes to making   originals.

11 band Nepal

NU: The band also organized Death Feast I, the first all-death metal gig in Nepal. What were your expectations of the event and how was its result?
11:Death Feast I was , at first thought to be a small gig with death metal bands only with “chaldo baldo” death metal bands. But then , Soul Annihilation from Boston, USA, Another Legendary band, Ugra Karma joined in to play at the gig and Binaash had just released their album, they agreed to play the gig too. The gig was really jaw-droopingly awesome. Due to some problems , we had to postpone the event for once and change the venue 5 days prior to the event. Not much people showed up, but those who did , witnessed the first only death metal show and had a great time. Damn! we still remember the moshing and the intense headbanging. We are still amazed at how great the gig turned out to be.

NU:What bands/albums are you guys listening to these days?
11:I’m listening to Cryptopsy’s new album (Aasutosh),and we actually listening to Asian Slam Death Metal bands too. To be particular, Thailand has a pretty great Death Metal scene . Mostly the old school bands too.

NU:Any last words to the readers?
11:Yeah! special thanks to for featuring us, and Ktmrocks who has supported the band in every way possible.\m/ ??? ???

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