Interview : Hyper Planet, Prog Metal from Iran

Hyper Planer is a progressive metal band from Tehran, Iran. The band was formed in late 2010 and has been active since. Current line of band includes Amin Saffar – Guitars,Vocals, Armin Saffar – Bass, Farnaz Az – Female Vocals, Violin and Elyar Khosravi – Drum. Their demo record is streaming in reverbnation and the band is current working on their upcoming full length album. Here is the short interview of band’s guitarist / vocalist Amin Saffar.

NU – First of all, let’s go with the introduction. Can you tell us and our readers about your band?
HP – Well, we’re playing music in progressive metal/rock; to be honest, Hyper Planet band members have a great passion of Prog music which result in to have a creative mind to demonstrate the their own experience or imagination into musical moments. all members have great ability in their own instrument, we don’t have any limitation technically to make our music. All Hyper Planet music is filled with emotion, and combination of instrumental technique. We always try to achieve to our own sole sound and style that Hyper Planet is known by it, you know, we don’t likely to repeat ourselves and we want to be faithful of that. We would like to be always heavy, progressive, sensational, intense, cinematic, as you know, in the best way, progressive style prepared you those atmosphere, it is so west and characterized and also it has got this capacity to reveal all the things which are in your inside talents, complex idea, combinations of different multifarious of music and odd time signatures and above all capability of playing techniques!

NU – Going through couple of your records it is clear that Dream Theater has been major influence. What other artists do you draw influence from.
HP – Yes, you’re right! actually, Dream Theater is a heavyweight in progressive metal and they are a big influence on each one of us. In progressive side we influence from the bands such as Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Neal Morse… and the metal side such as, symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Unexpected, Pain of salvation…

NU – We heard that you guys are planning for album, when will it come out and what will it be like?
HP – Yes, We are planning and working hard to release our first album till the end of 2013 on this album, We tried to have our own specific sound and style with combination of our eastern taste and Traditional Iranian music in particular!
What inspired you to make music together? When did you from your band?
You know, actually there are many common sense between the members of the band. You know we all have a great passion of Rock N Roll it was from the very beginning, we enamored of playing progressive music and most importantly, each members of the band are playing music since they were kid this promote us to understand one another very well and to make music .

NU – Any big event your band has played in?
HP – Not yet, but we’re intending to take part in some festivals!

NU – How is the metal / underground scene there in Iran?
HP – To be complete honest with you, there are so many bands in Iran that are playing underground music, but the most significant matter is that the Islamic government in Iran is thoroughly opposed to this sort of music and we must say that Islamic government give no permission at all to all metal musicians to do a concert or promote metal music in media, magazine, Newspapers or anywhere else. Because, ridiculously, they believe that all the underground/metal bands are Satanism, they introduce metal musicians as a poisonous for the health of society and also cultural society and the music which is made by the underground/metal musicians is such a corrupted product! So, As a consequences, we got so many talented underground/metal musicians in Iran; but unfortunately, not only there is no shelter, or place from the Government for exposing ourselves but they threaten us!

NU – Has political condition of Iran affected the music scene in Iran?
HP – Yes, Of course political condition in Iran has affected not only on music scene but it is the direct affection on people’s life from all angels! Actually, the things that the Islamic government is organized and token action in that way is not to the benefaction of Iranian People and nowadays in Iran, politician has combined with the ordinary people life so, of course directly it affects to all business, industries, and the music is not the exception, to put in this way that music in Iran is wearing away!

NU – What are the other stuffs you guys are involved in besides music?
HP – Beside the music, we spend our time with our friends and family and sometimes we go to the cinema, shopping, playing football.

NU – What are you currently listening to?
HP – We love listening to all sort of music; you know we enjoy listening to Good music like everyone else! Always we listen to present-day music, we loved.
1- Rush- Clockwork Angels
2- Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused To Sing,
3- Riverside- Shrine Of New Generation Slave
4- Muse- Second Law
5- Beyond The Bridge-The Old Man And The Spirit
6- Headspace- I’m anonymous
7- Periphery- Periphery II
8- Affector- Harmagedon

NU – Any few words for our readers…
HP – At first, from the bottom of our heart we hope to have a deeply freedom for all musicians and artists in the whole world with no restrictions, fear, freedom of speech and suppression, and at the end, we would like to appreciate you and invite you to follow us in our facebook, reverbnation and twitter page and stay tuned guys.
Prog On!

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