Interview : Bidroha (Thrash Metal Band)

Bidroha is a thrash metal band from Kathmandu, formed in 2010. They’ve already released three singles titled “License to Kill“, “Adhipatya Ho Danav Ko” and “Bidroha”. Here’s an interview with the band.”


NU: Hello guys! Firstly, please could you tell us who are in the band?

Bidroha: Hey there! Bidroha has Saurab on vocals/guitar, Zantu on guitar, Bsal on bass/backing vocals and Amar on drums!

NU: So what’s up with Bidroha lately?
Bidroha: We are working on some originals for the album lately. As everyone is busy on their works, hence the practice sessions have been delayed for the time being.

NU: Any gigs waiting in the list?
Bidroha: No, not yet.

NU: Right from the formation of the band, you’ve been releasing one single after another. Why not an entire album or an EP?
Bidroha: An EP is being released for the promotion of the band. Besides that, we are working on an (full-length) album and it will be soon released.

NU: So till when would it be out?
Bidroha: By the mid or end of 2012!!!!

NU: Please can you elaborate the concepts/themes of each of your three released songs?
Bidroha: Our first song, “License to Kill” was recorded in mid 2010. It was under the theme related to the society’s unusual behavior. Our second song “Adhipatya Ho Danav Ko” was recorded in late 2010, which is about the reign of the devil. And our most recently released song “Bidroha” that was recorded in 2011 is related to the retaliation against the system of the country.

NU: Who comes up with lyrics?
Bidroha: Most of the lyric is written by Saurab, and Bsal has come up for one song, “Dream Broken”. Past lyrics “Adhipatya Ho danav Ko” and “Licence to Kill” was written by Bhalasa Shrestha!

NU: Tell us about some of your key musical influences?
Bidroha:There are lots of the band and artist which we get influenced.

bidroha nepali thrash metal band
NU: It’s often said that thrash revival bands generally lack originality in verge of following their influences, which has already been done 20 years ago. What do you say?
Bidroha: Actually the riffs and the drums parts are often on same concept in the thrash music which is influenced through other thrash bands. It’s only the way to play and which part to make it the best!!

NU: And how open are you guys musically? Do you love and take influences from non-metal (/non-rock) bands as well?
We listen to all kind of music and get even influenced by non metal/rock band as well.

NU: Any noteworthy thrash metal band in the local scene yet, past and present?
Bidroha: Muga and 72 Hrs.

NU: How’s the songwriting process like? Does everybody involve in the process or is there one key person to build up the songs?
Firstly guitar riffs are brought to the band and then the concept of the music flows through the riffs which make drums and bass in the correct form. Everybody shares their own views during the process of songwriting. When everything is complete then only the vocals come up!!

NU: Drums were programmed on “License to Kill”. Was it due to the lack of a drummer at that time, or?
It was not due to lack of drummer that time. To make the song quality sound better we programmed the drums and for the live drum, the cost was also high so we planned to have it programmed as it made the song’s quality much better!!!.

NU: There have been quite a shift in the vocals style in between your singles and on your live sets. Does it mean you (Saurav) are still experimenting to catch your perfect style?
Yeah you can say that Saurab is still experimenting his vocals!

NU: Which gadgets do you use?
Saurab – B.C. RICH V-shaped Guitar and MetalZone Distortion of Boss
Zantu – Jackson Kelly and GX1Zoom
Bsal – Starsun Bass Guitar
Amar – Jinbau Drums

NU: What’s the practice schedule like? I guess you guys are also studying and working besides making music?
Bidroha: If there is any GIG ALERT then the practice session is scheduled everyday till the gig!!! If there isn’t any gig, then we practice once or twice in the week!!!
On your second question, yeah, as Saurab has finished his Bachelor this year. Zantu and Bsal are jobholders. Bsal is in 2nd year BBS and Amar has jus joined his Bachelor!!!

NU: What problems have you faced in playing in a band yet? And how have you been tackling them?
Bidroha: Finding the correct sound is most necessary while playing. Equipments and instruments were lacking before but now it is fulfilled somehow. If we need something for the band then we collect the money to buy it!!! This is how we are tackling our problems!!! Now the main problem is a load of load-shedding (LOL) so we should check the time schedule for the practice which is so annoying!!!

NU: Any last words you want to say to all the people out there?
Bidroha: First of all we wanna thank Nepal Underground for the interview!! We are having lots of support from you till now and thanks for that!! Also, we are thankful to everybody who has supported us! We are still trying our best to make you all thrash through our music!!! New listeners can support us by liking and listening to our songs on our facebook page ( The album will be on the way mid or end 2012!!! Till then, everyone, rock on \m/

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Interviewed by :Samyam Shrestha ]

[Pic Credits: ktmROCKS and Bidroha Facebook ]

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