Interview : Anan Shakya of death metal band Laash

laash death metal

laash death metal

Laash is one of the most promising and uprising Death Metal band in Nepali metal scene. They have played quite a number of shows and are enjoyed by a majority of audience. For NepalUnderground, Kshitiz Lamsal interviewed Anan Shakya from the band and here’s how the interview went.

NU: Hello brother ! How is Laash doing these days ?
Anan: Laash is doing fine, I should say.These days I am away, out of the valley. Guys are there, together and jaming!

NU: How and when was Laash formed?
Anan: I don’t exactly know when it started. I exactly don’t know how long before I joined. But the guys wont disagree when I tell that Laash officially started kicking in after I joined the band. It was late 2012, I think.

NU: You guys have played quite a number of shows. How has the journey been so far? Anan: The Journey has been unbelievable Lots of things that I never imagined happening to me.Never imagined that it would ever happen to me.Good things and bad things too.

NU: What types of ‘Bad Things’ ?
Anan: Fights and struggles too. Haha. It seems all plain well from the outside, when we see the band picture, but I think its all down to that point whether you survive that scare or not.

NU: In a country like Nepal, how easy/difficult do u think it is, to survive as a death metal band?
Anan: It is absolutely difficult. Death metal is kind of music that people may find very unnatural. It is even hard for a music lover, lets say a thrash metal, or core music lover, or even a another death metal band to understand the other death metal band.I take it as a freedom of expression. As a human being, i have lots of pessimistic… not really.. lets say realistic views. I think it is the best form of music to express those, by me

NU: What are some of the worst difficulties you, as a band, have faced so far?
Anan: When you say difficulties, its the same difficulties that any band in Nepal would face. Load shedding, practice room, gigs, money and all. Besides that, there are other things too.

NU: What are your views on present metal scene of Nepal?
Anan: I am afraid my view honest view may not be pleasing to all. The scene is developing and we get to witness really top quality gigs as well and international bands too.There are only certain bands we see on stage, depending on the organizers. Certain organizers have certain set of bands and that’s all.Its hard. you know without source and power. aaile ko scene and audience wise pani, its very bitter more than half of them are posey. not just audience, bajaune band members also happen to be posey in my view. And when I say posey, its just not about the dress up.Also source force, money matters a lot.

NU: What are your lyrical themes? What are the songs based on?
Anan: As a said its based on human beings. The way we are.For eg: I am a medical student. I have many class mates, who, for instance, dont believe in studying harder but flirting with the profresser. I call that hypocrisy. I hate it. very much. I write it in my songs. Anger, nihilistic feelings, emptyness, sexual fantasies and guilt, selfishness. These are the themes of my lyrics.

NU: Tell us about your songwriting process? How do u make song materials?
Anan: A song writing is a complex process and I haven’t been able to do it the way I want. Basically in band, up to now, I am the only composing figure. I write riffs, explain to drummer, give him ideas about filling in, show bassists the notes, tell vocalist about singing. It doesn’t look ideal, but the brighter part is they are very technically polished. They can play whatever I put in front of them.

NU: What are the bands you admire the most?
Anan: I really love Beyong Creation. Crytopsy is my all time favorite. Also Necrophagist, Sinister, Cannibal corpse are some of the bands i really like !

NU: May we know if Laash is planning for recording anything ?
Anan: We are working on our debut ep “Sambhog ko Astitwo” and I guess it will be out by the end of 2015. We have been working very hard regarding this matter. Our first song ‘Paap’ is almost ready and we will be releasing it very soon if everything goes fine!

NU: Sounds awesome! Looking forward to it! Any message to your fans, friends and supporters?
Anan: My only message is – Listen to songs and support the Nepali bands. My wish is that we all can enjoy this powerful form of music as one. An entire metal community is a sole figure. It is unnecessary to divide and say- I listen to metal core but I hate black metal and all. I wanna thank all the dai(s) and seniors and friends, who have helped to get to us this far. We sure wont stop, not until we all have that moment.

NU: Thanks for your time ! Nepal Underground team wishes Laash all the best for their upcoming plans. Anan: My sincere thanks to you for taking your time talking to me.

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