[Gig Review] Jindbaad 2nd year Anniversary Gig

Bands:Space Cake Break /Jindabaad
Venue: House of Music (Thamel)
Ticket: Rs.200
Time 8pm-10:00 pm

Space Cake Break Band on Jindabaad 2nd Year Anniversary Gig

Space Cake Break Band

Jindabaad was back in the town last night, after 8 months hiatus,  to remark their second year anniversary with gig “Jindabaad 2nd year anniversary “. Space Cake Break was with Jindabaad to celebrate their anniversary. Gig was scheduled to start at around 8 pm but was kicked off by Space Cake Break at around 8:15pm. Space Cake Break is new band in our scene. Currently they are working on their Ep which will be out on store by the end of this year (as the band says). If you want to know who are Space Cake break go through their Facebook. I was in front row and people on back were cheering Space cake Break thus I was unable to catch up their songs properly. They played songs from their EP and did pretty good. The most interesting tracks for me for was second track (was called Daughter) and third track played. I have captured three tracks from my cell. You can watch Daughter and other tracks from our channel here. They played till 8.50 pm for their 5-6 tracks. And then they left stage welcoming Jindabaad. I loved the Baburam cap worn by the bassist :-).

Jindabaad Band on 2nd year anniversary gig

Jindabaad Band

Next It was Jindabaad on the stage. At First Rohit Shakya came on the stage and then bassist Rajan and then drummer Kiran shahi was there.I saw Rohit became little fat during his stay in Thailand and everyone in hall was chattering the same “Rohit Dai Motayo “. Rajan had also cut his hair and Abhisek was always same in check shirt as in other gig. Sunny was not in the stage for 7-8 mins . Thus for the sound check, band started jamming without Sunny for a while . In middle of sound check, Rohit Shakya and other audience sang together “Sunny , Sunny” calling him to get on the stage.  After a while Sunny came and he quickly strapped on his white Jackson. My eyes were on his white Jackson’s signature. I am not sure, but that signature might be of Mattias Ia Eklundh taken from Mattias Ia Eklundh guitar clinic held at Tone Music Store few days ago. Jindabaad started show with Shades of you with intro music. Accordingly , they choose Spoilin as the next track. Rohit Shakya revealed that jindabaad had already shot video for this track. It just needed some editing which will be done by this month and video will be released by the end of December. Also he talked about new album which they will be starting from Jan of 2012 with full swing. The audience were asking them to play Preset and Jindabaad was also about to play the very song but what happened to Rohit that he tuned to old blues track “Kanchi nani Blues” instead of Preset. I saw Jindabaad crew have misunderstanding in choosing track that they were smiling each other. Without complete performance of Kanchi Nani Blue they flawlessly tuned in to Preset. Next track was Their biggest hit track Rewind. In the middle, the front man again cracked a joke asking audience if they had gone to Delhi for Metallica concert. The most awesome track they did in this gig I found was In motion which is also one of my favorite track from their Ep Plastic heart. The audience in the hall were asking Rohit to play Electronic but he replied that Jindabaad hadn’t practiced for this track. Besides , they did Big Fucking Mess dedicating Merina (band manager of Jindabaad) and then played  “Racist”. Jindabaad the finished their performance by playing one of Sunny Tuladhar’s original composition “Electronic“.

It was already 10.00pm and it was time to return home.  In brief, it was loads of fun with Jindabaad’s performance after 8 long months.

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[Photo : Umes Shrestha /ktmROCKS ]

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