Gear up for Storm Blast : Band Competition

Storm Blast is the upcoming band competition that will happen in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event is scheduled to happen on December 14, 2013. The organizer behind this event is Malakh Event Management. Winning band will get cash prize, contract for album and many more opportunities (detail below). Interested band can fill up the form and pay Rs 3500 for the registration. The judge for the event will be some of the veteran musicians in the scene such as Sandeep Tuladhar (X-Mantra), Visan Yonjon (Visan N’ The Groover), Sunil Dev Pant UgraKarma), Bikram Shrestha (UgraKarma & X-Mantra ).

Nepal Underground is one of the official media for this event. NU will be covering the event and will be taking the video interview of the winning band. And the event will be covered not only in national media but also will be syndicated across other media partner’s site as well. These includes :
1.) Metalrebellion India
2.) Metalwarpage Metalzine
3.) NepalUnderground
4.) Metal Wani
5.) Folio Magazine
6.) TIMES FM 90.6 MHz

Guest Bands :

1.) Wakk Thuu
2.) Strangle
3.) Dying Out Flame

Competing Bands :

1.) Confuzone :Thrash / Death/ Natural X-plosive Metal (Darjeeling)
2.) Head Motif :Progressive (rock/metal) Heavy Metal (Darjeeling)
3.) Oath Of Calumny :Deathcore (Lalitpur)
4.) Vivace Octave :Metalcore/Deathcore (Lalitpur)
5.) The Tape Recorder :Hard Rock (Kathmandu)
6.) Human Persecution :Technical Brutal Death Core (Darjeeling)
7.) Undefined Human :Old school Death Metal (Heatuda)
8.) Garbage Inc. :Rock / Instrumental (Kathmandu)
9.) Red Tears :Hard Rock (Kathmandu)
10.) Disorder :Thrash Metal (Lalitpur)
11.) Art Effect : (Lalitpur)
12.) The Blizzard BAND :Hard Rock (Heatuda)
13.) Medscape :Djent (Lalitpur)
14.) Raven :Old school Death Metal (Kathmandu)
15.) Die With Anguish :Melodic Death Metal (Kathmandu)
16.) Rock “365” : Heavy/Thrash Metal, HardRock (Kathmandu)
17.) Spiritual-X :Black/Death Metal (Kiritipur)
18.) Black Hole :Hardcore (Kathmandu)
19.) One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night :Punk/Hardcore/Indie Rock (Kathmandu)
20.) The Lost :Heavy Metal (Kathmandu)

Event Page :


a. Winner will be provided with 11111 cash.
b. Winner will be provided international Stage (Indian Event).
c. Winner interview will be covered by Folio Magazine.
d. Winner will be provided a album which recording charge will be paid by Event management company.
e. Winner will co-Headline all the Events made during promotion of main event which details will be announced pretty soon.
f. Winner’s written interview will be featured in some International and National magazine and Video Interview will be posted in official media’s blog, website and channel.
g. Winner songs will be featured in compilation of the album made during the promotion of all the bands.

2.) TOP 5 BANDS:-
a. Top five bands will be part of the promotional event done by Malkhi Event Management.
b. Top Five band promotion will be done by out official magazine.
c. Top five band songs will be featured in compilation of the album made during the promotion of the event.

Venue : Purple Haze, Thamel, Kathmandu.
Date : December 14, 2013

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