Drumming Techniques and Workshop Videos

Drum workshop videosSome days ago we posted news about ktmROCKS‘ upcoming drummer special E-Mag , which will be specially focused for drummers. In this post , we have decided to put up some videos of drumming techniques which we think will be useful for drummers out there . This collection contain techniques and workshops from brutal death metal to Gravity Blast to Jazz .

Drum Workshop by Ole Andre From Norway

Ole Andre , versatile drummer from Norway conducted a drum workshop on March 27, 2011 at Nepal Music School. In 2 videos he have demonstrated various techniques as Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock, Blues.

Enigmatik’s Brutal Death Metal Workshop

Brutal Death Metal Band “ENIGMATIK” from Switzerland conducted this workshop on December 16 ,2010 at Nepal Music School. This workshop not only focus on drumming techniques and gravity blast but also contain some tips on song writing given by band themselves.

Video below illustrate the gravity beat technique at close.

Video  below deals with the basic of Jazz drumming.

Additional resource :
You can check out freedrumlessons.com , this site is pretty good and provides drumming lessons for Jazz,rock,punk,latin and lots of other genre. If you are beginner then this site is highly recommended . They provide video instructions as well as notations in PDF , they also covers the important theory parts . All PDF notations and videos of that site is available as torrent download here. The updated contents can be viewed in its official site here. 

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