Download new “Soul Annihilation” album “The Progenitory Symbols”

The Progenitory Symbols  -- Soul Annihilation
US based blackened death metal band has released new album titled “The Progenitory Symbols” and the album is available for free download via band’s official Bandcamp page. You can stream or download “The Progenitory Symbols” album from their bandcamp. The album contains 6 tracks and runs for approximately 30 minutes. You can stream or download the album from below.

The band is now over and this is the final release from the them. Soul Annihilation played on Nepfest IV last year along with Polish death metal band Decapitated. The band was able to pull one of the intense moshes in the ground with their performance.

Track Listing :

  1. A Sick Compulsion 05:02
  2. My Progenitory Symbols  05:09
  3. Returning To The Void  04:14
  4. Societal Deconstruction  04:33
  5. The Gaze Of Balor  05:02
  6. Unevolved  05:03

Download full album (free) :

Soul Annihilation – The Progenitory Symbols

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