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Few Weeks after the release of Rato Mato in Nepal, Diwas Gurung have released another Ep titled “Adhunique“.It is the hardwork of his one year.Only Three songs are included in this EP. Pahelo Pote,Jhari and Haami Aayou are songs listed in Adunique.Haami Aayou is the same track which was also featured in ktmROCKS compilation VOL II.Also I have posted Rato Mato a months ago which you can download for free. Hope you might have listened Haami Aayou earlier. Pahelo Pote is also good track. I love the electronic part of this song the way of mixing.The lyrics move around teasing Gurung Girl using word like aapaa,Maichyang,Pote.Different types of Pote’s Color are described . Pote is a typical word used for necklace wear by Married girl of Nepal.Another track Jhari relates the raining and emotion develops with Vocalist at night.
Tracks Listing:

  • Pahelo Pote
  • Hami Aayou
  • Jhari

Must Listen this Album its  simply awesome.

Diwas Gurung Adhunique Album SOngs


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