Dark Tranquillity plans tour for Asian Metal Festival 2012

asia metal festival 2012

asia metal festival 2012Dark Tranquility confirmed their live performance for concert “Asian Metal Festival 2012” this 31st March ,2012.This is their third live performance in Seol,Korea.Dark Tranquility quoted in facebook as It’s true! After our very memorable visits to South Korea in 2004 and 2006, we have the pleasure of confirming that we’ll return to headline the Asia Metal Festival. March 3, Seoul. Be there!”

Besides Seol, Dark Tranquility tour dates for other asia parts are :


March 23: Beijing, China – Venue TBA
March 24: Shanghai, China – Venue TBA
March 31: Seoul South Korea – Asia Metal Festival

Local Bands for supporting Act are :

1. Fall of Mirra
2. Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy
3. Eye of Violence
4. Downhell
5. Remnants of The Fallen
6. Silent Eye
7. Oathean

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/241532515900268/

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