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  1. Greetings! Red Beast will be unleashing a new single for “Obama Bin Laden” on 9/11 from the upcoming album called Adolf Christ with a music video to follow. It would be an honor if Nepal Underground would consider accepting our submission for a review and/or a feature in your publication. Please respond to let me know if it is okay to send a complete copy of the album for your review. Any help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. There will be tour dates to be announced and a professional press/radio campaign for this release.
    Doug Guod

  2. How can I get a tshirt for the band Underside shipped to the U.S A oh yeah my size is 2xl I’ a big fellow

  3. Hello my name is Steven gaines im becoming a big fan never really cares for death metal never really cares for metal,I’m always listening to rap but since I heard antin in aww….

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