BruteMukti released demo “Aghor Gore Moksha” EP

brutemukti deathmetal
Boston based Death Metal band BruteMukti has released their six track EP titled “Aghor Gore Moksha”. The whole demo album is uploaded in band’s official Bandcamp account, you can find the lyrics and download the album from the bandamp itself.
The album has influence of old school death metal/grindcore/blackened feel.

The first chapter, “Aghor Gore Moksha” consits 6 tracks running for seven minutes. This chapter is about the transformation of a man and how he is enlightened upon consumption of human flesh; none other than his own.

The album was released on 17 November 2014.
Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Sam Willgoose at The Murder Box Studios, Allston, MA.

1. Raktapaan 00:40
2. Half Eaten and Raped 01:02
3. Autophagia 01:23
4. Immortality Through Sickness 01:42
5. Akathya 01:44
6. Bonus Track : Pot Tom Memory 00:02

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