Brutal Pokhara Compilation Set -1 Ready for Download

Brutal Pokhara Finally released their first compilation Set -1 . “OCCULT SCIENCE OF METAL” is the Name given for this compilation set. The Band and song listing of this compilation are:

  • Cyborg Cataclysm-GOTHICA, Nepal
  • God Wants My Blood-NARSAMHAAR, Nepal
  • In Glorificus Luctus(The Mourning After)-KALODIN, NepalBRUTAL POKHARA's online compilation' OCCULT SCIENCE OF METAL
  • Skyggegast- COMBATH ft. Svartalv( ex-SATYRICON, GEHENNA), Norway
  • Gloomy Sunday-NÅE, Norway
  • Mass of Materia- JAHILIYYAHA, Bangladesh
  • Present Chaos- PLAGUE THROAT, India
  • Maid of the Mist- WEIRD ANXIETY, India
  • Unison of Beast- ISOLATION IN INFAMY, USA
  • Reek of the Rotten- VILE IMPALEMENT, India
  • Man Whore meets Women Whore- XAITAN KAUN?, India
  • Perang Suci- LOST ANOTHER, Indonesia
  • Soul Destruction- ALIEN GODS, India
  • Infernal Torment- SATANIZE, Turkey
  • Blasphemy ov a  Diabolic- INSANE PROPHECY, India
  • Medical Malpractice- PAEDIATRICIAN, Hungary
  • Malapetaka Dunia Fana- EXALEIPS, Indonesia
  • Acrimony of Terrorism- DARK CARNAGE, India
  • Insurrection-CENOBITE, Hungary
  • Viper’s Den- DEI TETRA, Thailand
  • The Uncaring Strokes of the Master- MYOSIS, Pakistan
  • Revolution Has Begun-ANALGESIA, Morocco
  • Bacterial in Flesh-AUTHORITY, Indonesia
  • Riot of Blood-CHROMATIC MASSACCRE, Bangladesh
  • Burial Ground- DIONYSUS, Pakistan
  • Sabbatical Repugnant-HYDRO, Indonesia
  • Dherai Laajj(Tribute to the Legend)-THE GRUNGY MORPHINS ”The Gorkha Metal Warriors”, India
  • The Silent Scream-MEYNOM TURR, India
  • Lord of Kaos- KRAZY ELECTRONS, India
  • Futile Dogma: DARK DESOLATION, India
  • Retribution-CROW BLACK SKY, South Africa

Click Here to Download BRUTAL POKHARA’s online compilation’ OCCULT SCIENCE OF METAL

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