Breach not Broken : “HOPE” Single released – listen it here

breach not broken hope

Breach not Broken – Kathmandu, Nepal based post-hardcore pioneer band has released the final mix for track “HOPE“. Demo of the track was released about a year ago, the single is longer that demo version by around two minutes and add-in much more polish, effects better production. Demo used programmed drum where as this features live drums. If you liked the demo previously released, you will definitely love this!

The band – Breach not broken came into quick notice by grabbing third position in Battle of Bands 2013 and being winner of 10th KCM ICMC.

According to band’s interview published in national daily “The Kathmandu Post”, the song “Hope” is about the person who losses everything and is forced to hope – obligated to hope.  You can stream the track from below :

The band is working on their debut four track EP which may take a bit time to get released. Other tracks planned to be included in EP are “Solitude”, which is about a person’s yearning for isolation after he gets sick and tired of placing his hopes in humanity. Track “Die Alone”, is an extended metaphor about how a person tends to separate from society and becomes alone after successive bouts with failure.

Die alone is followed by “Rise” which is a “wakeup call” against ongoing political misconduct and “No wounds” is about a person who has failed and is consumed by negativity. Since he is immune now, he feels no pain, as explained by the band member.

You can follow the band here :

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