AROGYA – A Nepali Post Visual Rock Band


The idea of Argoya came up in the midst of August 2013 when
Rainjong, Noel and Rui got together. The trio came up with the concept
of forming a Nepali Post Visual Rock Band, than Vishal came in when Rainjong and the guys approached him as they have always wanted to work with musicians with whom they have started off their respective careers on Music, Vishal digged the whole idea and the concept of Arogya and joined in, resulting a complete line up and a good friend and brother joining in for the mutual love of music shared by the other brothers.
The credit for the band’s name “Arogya” goes specially to our good
friend Neelam, who has also written the lyrics of the debut album. The sound of Arogya varies from Rock / Ambient / Electronic / Pop with not keeping any boundaries to the genre the band is ready is unleash thier debut album after almost a year of formation that is by late August 2014 .

Despise of releasing singles like the obvious thing most of bands do nowdays, Arogya took a different approach and has released 2 Music Videos and a lyrics video so far :

‘Nirasha’ Music Video :

‘Katha’ Music video :

‘Ramita’ Lyrics video :

The debut album is entitled “Samay” and the track listing is as follows :

1. Antim Aasu
2. Ekta
3. Katha
4. Maya
5. Nirasha
6. Ramita
7. Samay
8. Saya

AROGYA current line up is :

Rainjong Lepcha – Vocals
Vishal Rajiyung – Guitars
Noel Karthak Lepcha – Bass
Rui Xing – Drums

For more details on the album JOIN :

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