Antim Grahan Putrefaction Eternity Lyrics

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Antim Grahan Putrefaction Eternity Album art


Your end is near

I can sense the fear in your soul

I will imprison your mind

Only eternity to suffer

With pleasure I smirk

When the pain raptures from your throat

Fierce anger is all I have to give

Until the suffering reduce you to ruins

Believe in nothing, have no more faith

The only thing permanent is your misery

This is your pattern of destiny

I will hurt you fatally

First dies your brain, then dies your body

Your soul will beg for



This torment shall never end


Rotting stench of divine hypocrisy

Fragments of lives once subsist

Army of dedicated annihilation

Torment beyond mortal credence

Slaughter, all that thy sight beholds

Remnants, spatter bones

Vile contemplation, murder and rape

Extermination of human race

Blessed by the tyrant, I

Prepare for apocalyptic reign

Inhumane empathy, inhumane soul

This is thy new pestilence breed

Era of malevolence has evolved

Deceased, holy spirits and gods

Forsaken by the creator

Vociferous silence thus evolves

Deafening bare mortal screams


Diminish thy hope

Kneel before my wrath

Shattered wishes and infinite grief

Welcome to my world order

Breathe to suffer

An eternal torment achieved

Behind the world of perpetual lies I live

Become division of darkened fate

Burned and buried, theory of peace

Resurrected, novel cult obscene

Behold, I am God

With horde of cursed souls

I march into the obscurity

My legion triumphant

Skies bloodied by my fleet

Endless era of terror has begun

Abhorrence shalt forever reign supreme

Assemble the slaves, pitiful human race

Exterminate, plague of innocent breed

Endless epoch, repulsion complete

Thus hallowed by putrefaction eternity.

Unmerciful commandment regime

Obliterate, eliminate, condense

Alliance of Immortals

Pre darkly force

Cremate dust to dust

This is the end

Upon the fire bringer

With vengeance in thy eyes

Fight derange destroy erase

This is the part of my impulse.


Arise my children

Seeds of I shalt reaped

Sins of I shalt reap

Untamed flames ov hell

Abort thy thoughts ov salvation

Devouring the existence of life

A serpent awaits for thy soul

Children of the darkened void

Awaken under the moonless skies

Screams of silence, I rejoice


The realm of godless approaches

Children of pestilence

Born in a blistered rotting flesh

Upon the womb of a decayed soul

A maggot fetus, thus come into life

The sickening stench of death.


This face will never be the same

Let me restructure smile

No anesthesia

Only it will ruin the pleasure

A blade in my hand

Never looked so shiny and bright

Masterfully now I engrave

The pieces of your epidermis

A fake face now comes off

This is magnum opus desire

Stratum corneum, Stratum granulosum,

And lo, how delightfully they fall

Into dermis I enter

With fountain of blood

And your pig like squeals

This is such an ecstasy

Reconstruction to a beauty from fake

I squeeze the flesh

Just to see if it still bleeds

Blissful silence and screams no more

A work of genius

And this is my masterpiece


A mourning star

Upon the darkest of the forest

Where the moonlight fails to pierce

The mighty foliage of the woods

Lightens the pathways of the forgotten

A sanctuary of forsaken angels

Fallen from the kingdom of heavens

Beyond all dreams and hope it now remains

An altar, where they rest

Eternal masters of this place

The land of forever nightfall

Darkness, like a luring melody in the ghostly fog

This land has absorbed obscurity

Yet it lacks not, the presence of grace

Forever lost it shall remain

Into the pages of time

And all it would remain is a myth

Upon deceased mortals decayed mind.


End of an era has begun

Fragments of shattered conviction lays

Impaled by once mere slave

Bring on the ignorant creed

Memories of infinite dimension decreased

Upon the dust of thy creation

Obstinate the reign of dismay

Elicitation, termination of creation

Kingdom of odium arise

Upon the bastards now I become one

Masters serve the slaves

Chronicles of once what was

Feeble, once the mighty lord

Termination of the abyss of stars

Chronicles of a dying god.


Running through a horde

The only purpose here seems

To hurt everyone that I could see

And all the faces are enemies.

This is just another day

Of one day of my life

I would kill the first one on my sight

With the knife struck in his chest

Here I see all the entrails eject

Blow in the head and ruptured skull

Blood seems so beautiful when it flows

Gasping for the last breath

Buried in his own waste

Another perverted.

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