Amokkashan – Heavy Metal – Kathmandu Nepal

Amokkshan is a metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal formed on 8th February 2012. The band name is a fusion a English word AMOK and KSHAN (क्षण) where amok means getting uncontrollable, crazy and Kshan means moments.
The band describe themselves as New age Heavy Metal, generally their music have influence of various other sub-genre of metal.
Band has played on few band competitions, on promotion gig of Decapitated organized by Nepfest and a minor gig at Pokhara.

Line Up :
Amyt – Bass Guitar/vocal
Creezen- Lead Guitar
Arjun – Drums
Sohail-Rhythm Guitar
Aditya- Vocals

Sounds Like: Unearth, Pantera, August Burns Red, Lamb of God, Trivium

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