Album Review : Rage Hybrid – This Sickness Never Fades

This Sickness Never Fades rage hybrid

This Sickness Never Fades rage hybridSilence is all I’ve got
Misery holds beneath
Noises inside my head
Sanity is killing me
Empty eyes of a mad man
Staring at me through the mirror
The sight of sickening grin slowly fades away
And as scream turns to silence
The mirror no longer reflects
The dagger kisses the crimson floor
And I killed myself…..
PAIN…….. …”

The song has been an anthem for all the Metalcore/ New Age music listeners. No doubt!! Its “Rage Hybrid”, a Nepal based Metalcore/New Age Metal band who showed up in the underground scenario around the late 2009 and took the scenario to the next level with their new concept of producing sound in that contemporary scenario.

After performing numerous gigs, taking over many music competitions, playing major shows in the underground society, they were able to form a huge fan base. In the mid of 2012, they released their EP titled “This Sickness Never Fades”. They performed in the Silence Festival III on the same year as the EP release show. The EP starts with “Beneath My Skin”, heavy for sure and touching the melody side of the band very well. Based on Metalcore format, this song has been marked favorite amongst the listeners. From 3:17 – 3:30, this track has a sudden change in the lyrical theme and you can listen to, how the music has given justice to the lyrics “Sometimes things get change, Sometimes things go wrong, It’s either you or its either me”.

Followed by their next song,  “Deathwish” full of rapid breakdowns with some insanely characterized melodies in it.  Gaurav (vocalist) describes the lyrics as a refusal to give up to anyone and thinks it is very relatable. The bass solo in the middle of the song is so unpredictable, simple and awesome. The song even gets better when Gaurav whispers “So can you feel? I’m sick and tired, of remorse, Inside” which gives the idea of being fade up with negativity and wanting to live it clean.

The third song “Control Freak” starts with more of a New Age sound rather than Metalcore. The band has focused more on heavy and running riffs rather than breakdowns and the grooves are well composed. The lyrics denies with the current government as they believe the government is fooling, manipulating, and exploiting. The song claims it as a game played and how they don’t want to be a part of it. So, basically the lyric is aimed at the pain, the sufferings and the hatred towards the government.

And the final song is their debut song which introduced them as a metalcore band. It is the most heard song and has become an anthem among the Metalcore/New Age listeners. This song is a pure metalcore formatted song with every necessary element in it. The plucking, the breakdowns, the riffs are truly commendable. The song has a character within it.  He is an innocent kid who is compelled to kill his good part inside upon knowing how the world works and he yells “ And I killed myself”. Sujan adds a guitar solo in the middle which perfectly sinks in with a touch of melody.

Rage Hybrid has created a distinct sound in the scenario and can be listed as an early New Age band with an EP. There were few other New Age bands prior to rage, but were not successful in making up to an EP. Though some music critics complain about not to the standard sound quality, this four track EP has hit the Underground scenario in a very convincing manner, being appreciated all around the nation and  is acknowledged even in some international blogs.

Written by : Saurav Tamrakar (Core Music Society) and Vatshala Gurung.

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