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Released in late April, Divergence is a debut EP album by progressive metal band Fragments. The EP consists of 6 tracks and have a runtime of approximately 24 minutes. The album has been at work for a year. An album was much expected after band’s win in 11th ICMC.  And we finally got an album in April, 2016! I have to say the album was worth waiting.

The EP starts with track “Repeat and Revised”. Track 1 is a minimal, electronic pop track with female lead on vocal. Which is complete opposite to rest of the tracks in album and band themselves.
The next track to follow is AI which is divided into two tracks. Both are instrumental tracks, thus lacks vocal, but correctly reflects the sound of the band and give bird eye view of band’s sound. Another instrumental track on the album is Floe which shares progressive rock vibes and mix some electronic effects on it.

Divergence and Lucid are only two tracks with vocal on it. Both of these tracks flawlessly utilized two vocalists. The track Lucid consists faint overlay of clean vocal which gives a dynamic vibe to the listener. The modular synth give the track a perfect ending.

Bring it all together.
The band has masterfully blended the vibe of progressive metal, djent and polyrhythms. It would have been great if the band had reduced the number of instrumental – they are not bad; just my opinion. Also, a lyrics sheet!

Does it djent ?
Yes, it does !

Hopefully band will release a full album in coming days. Divergence EP can be considered a good start for the band. The album is available for purchase at

– G n T Station, Mid Baneshwor
– Planet Music Store, New Baneshwor
– Sound Factory, Bhanimandal, Ekantakuna

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fragments band

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