Albatross “Ma ra Malai” album released , listen full album here

albatross ma ra malai full album

Kathmandu, Nepal based Alternative Rock band Albatross has released their 4th studio album “Ma ra Malai” on March 29 via album launch gig at Silence Entertainment’s premise, Tangal. “Ma ra Malai” consists of 8 tracks in Nepali.

The band stormed the scene since their inception in late 90s. The band has cemented themselves in the music scene after the release of their debut album “Hi:Fly” back in late 90s. The band changed their musical direction since release of their much acclaimed album “Jo Jo Sanga Sambandhit cha” which took the band to new height. Currently the band is comprised of Sirish Dali on vocals, Sunny Manandhar on guitar, Avaya Siddhi Bajracharya on bass and Kismat Shrestha on drums.
The band has described their fourth album as “best effort yet”. According to the band the songs are about contemporary issues of Nepali culture and society.  The recent release as well reflect the continuous evolution of band and definitely and appreciation worthy release. You won’t be disappointed with this release !
The album excels in production quality and musically as well.

The album can be purchased online or from Tone Store, Civil Mall.

Listen to full album “Ma ra Malai” from below :

Track listing :

  1. Intro/Ma Ra Malai 04:43
  2. Gari Khana Deu I 04:24
  3. Bhool 04:11
  4. Aadhar 06:04
  5. Manav Nai Danav 03:43
  6. Afnai Sansar Ma Kina 04:11
  7. Gari Khana Deu II 04:17
  8. Sagar 04:26

albatross ma ra malai launch gig

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