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Core Music Society Nepal is presenting you the complete core music gig this September 13. Named as “Core GIG“, the event will feature nine bands of metalcore/deathcore or sub-genre of core music in a single event. The event include some of the prominent bands from Nepal such as And WeContinue Reading

and we came nepal

And We Came is the deathcore band from Kathmandu, Nepal formed in the year 2009 with the pioneers of band Suzen Raj Bajracharya (Bass) and Rohit Pujari (vocals) with other joining members Sahaj Tamrakar (guitars) and the then drummer. The band started with the hit numbers into the public sceneContinue Reading

And We Came is a deathcore band based on Kathmandu, Nepal. The band was formed in 2009 and also was the winner of ICBC Season 1. The performance of “And we came” was also one of the memorable part from Summer Fest 2070. Their live performance video is now availableContinue Reading

metal suffocation Nepali underground concert

Metal Suffocation gig version 4 th is scheduled for july 16 2011. Details of this gig are : Guest Bands: “BIDROHA” “Incipit Satanz” Performing Bands: “Infected” “Breaking Daylight” “Rocksmith” “And We Came” “Mushroom Cloud” Saturday,16 July @ House of Music Thamel, KTM 1pm onwards Ticket price – Rs 150 ForContinue Reading