Cruentus Asantusta Aatma

Cruentus is Death/Black Metal from Nepal.Asantusta Aatma is their remarkable black metal album for the Nepali Metal Scene.Although The band is inactive at present but No one can forget Asantusta aatma. Track lists: 01. Asantustha Aatma 02. Beneath The Bleeding Moon 03. In The Circle Of Fear 04. In TheContinue Reading

Antim Grahan ruin of immortals

  Antim Grahan is Black Metal Band From Kathmandu.I have posted The Ruin of Immortals for you metal head which was released in the year 2009. Track Lists: 1.Pasu samrajya 2.The ruins of immortals 3.Encrypting The Dark Dimensions 4.I, Lucifer 5.Once Upon A War 6.Thus Death Triumphs 7.When Silece MournsContinue Reading