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Ugra-Karma is a Sanskrit term that denotes a bad, harmful action. Regarded as the first death metal band from Nepal, Ugrakarma started as a band in 1999 and released their demo “Himalayan Metal of Death” in year 2000. The band originated from Kathmandu as a three-piece outfit playing old-school-style deathContinue Reading

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Biography December 2010, just before the first ever Silence Festival 2010, Guitarist of the Geneva, Switzerland based band Law of silence met up with Avishek K.C the frontman for E.Quals/Lost Oblivion during a recording session at Silence studios, sharing the same passion and drive for music they came up withContinue Reading


Formed in the late 2003, Antim Grahan has now emerged as one of the premier extreme metal outfit in the underground scenario of Nepal. The band is recognized in the underground community as a prime example of virtuosity, perseverance, dedication and evolution. Antim Grahan is the first band to haveContinue Reading

Hailing from New Delhi, India 13 god’s bench is an Indian Death core formed in 2010. According to the band’s bio, band is influence from various genre. Their songs have influence of death metal, metal-core, death-core as well as from other metal genre. After many changes in the line up,Continue Reading

Upendra and Friends is the Nepali folk fusion instrumental band with talented and experienced performer artists of Newar comunity of Kathmandu valley,Nepal. Upendra and Friends fuse eastern classical and folk tunes with piano, flute accompanied by heavy bass riffs and punchy groovy beats using traditional Nepali percussion instruments like Djembe,TabalaContinue Reading

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Biography – Having explored the atmosphere of the metal scene in Delhi and various parts of India through countless gigs in years 2010 – 2011, band members and close friends Kartikeya Sinha (Bass), Ruben Franklin (Guitars), and Sagar Siddhanti (Drums) mutually felt that they aspired to create metal music withContinue Reading