zombiexincest ep

Powerviolence group ZombiexIncest have released their debut EP “First Violent Step”. Based on Kathmandu, Nepal, ZombiexIncest was formed in year 2012. The band have established them self as a first and only band playing power-violence in Nepal. You can have your cd by contacting the numbers in the pic belowContinue Reading

tribute to metallica Apocalypse india (10)

Tribute series is a presentation by As Oscar Event and Entertainment. The organizers have pulled out tribute show of various bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Guns and Roses, etc. This time it was trash metal legend “Metallica”. Playing in the tribute show was Apocalypse from India. AsContinue Reading

release 2014 nepal

Another year has ended, just like previous year lots of bands have released theirĀ  materials that are worth mentioning. Analyzing the band’s materials we can say production quality has definitely improved noticeably. In this post we would like to list some of the most memorable releases of year 2014 inContinue Reading