Tumbleweed Inc. – “Parichaya” full album stream

tumbleweed parichaya full album stream

Formed in 2012, Tumbleweed Inc. is a project by Sarad Shrestha (ex-member The Axe band). Tumbleweed Inc. released their début full-length album “Parichaya” on September 30 via release gig at Moksh. The album consists of fifteen tracks running for  more than 45 minutes. On October 13, the band release their album on Bandcamp and made entire album available for streaming. Previously the band had released the music video for track “Parichaya“.

Tumbleweed has fused the sound of funk, rap, metal & rock to create the unique dynamic listening experience. The album was recorded in Studio Underground and mastered/mixed by Satish Sthapit (Newaz). You can stream the entire album from below. The album can be purchased from the Bandcamp itself. You can get the physical copy of the album from following locations:
Music Point, Mahendra Path

TONE Music Store, Civil Mall, Sundhara
Sound Factory, Bhanimandal, Lalitpur
#Organic Cafe,Freak street, Basantapur
@Ti Amo Ktm Pizzeria, Basantapur

Tumbleweed on Facebook

Track Listing :

  1. Intro
  2. Face Apart
  3. Local Thito
  4. Funk that shit
  5. President
  6. Parichaya
  7. Massive Attack
  8. Supremacy
  9. Social Parasite
  10. Usko Katha
  11. Kathmandu
  12. Vision
  13. Vicious Animal
  14. Geda
  15. Badlido Samaj
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